Medical Software

For Medical Facility

The system aims to transform the way healthcare practitioners manage data, administrative tasks and medical procedures. Taking into account both patients and health practitioners, Which provides an efficient and easy-to-use experience.


Report ready and more.

What sets Androhealth apart?

Our customers' success means our success!


  • Track the patient's journey with detailed records from registration until discharge
  • Ease of conducting financial transactions with the billing system, automated claims management, and obtaining detailed and accurate reports.
  • Reduce wait times and thus improve patient experience using appointment scheduling tools.
  • Analyze real-time data by monitoring hospital procedures and tracking patient conditions, And get an accurate view of what's going on with interactive dashboards.
  • Secure data management through secure encryption, which ensures the protection and confidentiality of patient data.


Services we provide

Processing the system

A specialized team of experts and consultants to prepare the system according to the facility’s needs.

Integrate previous data

The service of pulling data from previous systems and integrating it into the system to maintain the historical record of users and patients.

Consulting and training

A technical and technology team to provide technical and administrative consultations and train users on the system

Our commitment

The system conforms to the requirements of the authorities