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Andromeda Information Technology

Andromeda Information Technology is one of the leading companies in the field of IT that provides the best solutions and services, striving with all seriousness and diligence to prove its position in the local and global market in the field of software development, whether smart phone applications or the establishment’s internal systems. Given the importance of the health sector in our Arab world, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are moving steadily towards achieving a better future of living in health and prosperity in order to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

What distinguishes us

Our services

Professional consultations

Providing consultations according to your need and evaluating the service provided.

Valuable ideas

Providing innovative ideas and business methods that suit your current and future needs.

Excellent timing

Completing the work according to the approved work plan and specified time.


Creative Vision in Digital Experience

The digital world is changing rapidly and with it customer expectations.

We realize that innovation is not an option, Rather, it is a necessity. So, We are keen to invest time and effort in research and development. To ensure that our digital experiences are not only inspiring, But it improves user experiences.

Everyone on our team shares this passion, He seeks to provide creative solutions that exceed expectations. We believe that success comes from cooperation and integration. That's why we work side by side with our clients to achieve their visions and goals.

in the end, Our goal is not only to create unique digital experiences, but making a difference in the world through creativity and technology. We are here to lead change, and live for innovation.

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