System Features

Approvals and Procedures Worlflow

  • Ease of conducting financial transactions with the billing system, automated claims management, and obtaining detailed and accurate reports.
  • Analyze real-time data by monitoring hospital procedures and tracking patient conditions, And get an accurate view of what's going on with interactive dashboards.
  • Secure data management through secure encryption, which ensures the protection and confidentiality of patient data.
  • Laboratory results and x-ray reports are attached to the medical file.
  • Customize workflows to fit business needs.
  • Screens can be tailored to your specific needs, Allowing you to have a user interface that suits your hospital's needs.
  • Report design is customizable, which enables the facility to design reports according to its needs for each department, department, or user.


Packages according to Your Needs

First Package

99 SAR/month

Payment Annually

Minimum of 10 users

  • Patient Registration
  • Outpatient Clinics

The Second Package

89 SAR/month

Payment Annually

Minimum of 50 users

  • + 20 New Forms
  • + 50 Custom Reports

Enterprise Package

79 SAR/month

Payment Annually

Minimum of 200 users

  • Unlimited New Forms
  • Unlimited Report Builder

Help you to increase productivity and performance

It includes:

  • Organizing information and reducing errors

  • Improving the quality of health care

  • Improve planning and distribution of resources

  • Reducing waiting times

  • Increased security

  • Integration between different departments

  • Increase financial efficiency
  • Providing reports and analyses